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About Us

More than 25 years of building a country, of building dreams.

From its beginnings, Arquitectura & Concreto has shown a commitment to Colombia’s social progress.



  • We have constructed, marketed and managed multiple real estate projects in a way that is transparent, demanding and well-planned. In this way, we have generated new and positive life experiences.

    Throughout the years, we have been characterized as an organization with economically, socially and environmentally responsable construction practices. This has allowed us to acquire several different certifications, which provides our clients with the necessary confidence and peace of mind.

    iso9001 certificaciones arquitectura y concretoiso14001 certificaciones arquitectura y concretoohsas18001 certificaciones arquitectura y concreto
    national association of home builders certificaciones arquitectura y concretocamacol certificaciones arquitectura y concretocamara colombiana de la infraestructura certificaciones arquitectura y concreto
  • Throughout the national territory, we have a qualified, profesional technical and administrative support, one which is commited to the country’s social development. We generate more tan one thousand direct jobs, and more tan six thousand indirect jobs, through our subcontractors.

    We believe that our company’s most valuable asset is our human resources, because it is thanks to them that the dreams of millions of Colombians have come true.

    Our commitment as a Company transcends the construction of physical spaces. At Arquitectura & Concreto, we are convinced that everyone has the ability to achieve their dreams, but they can be built only if the necessary support is provided.

    proyectos inmobiliarios arquitectura y concreto
  • We believe that every endeavor must involve a social projection. Without it, it would be an unfinished work. This is why we work hard in support of causes which benefit the most vulnerable sectors of our society.

    We are commited to the preservation of the environment, which is why we implement processes aimed at reducing pollution and which mitigate our impact on the environment. In this way, we are able to execute sustainable projects which generate harmony between the environment and its inhabitants.

    Strength, trust, innovation, and the continuous improvement of our human resources, are the qualities which provide us with the necessary foundations, in order to offer our clients the best products.

    We will continue bulding trust, believing in the improvement of the country’s future, helping Colombians to achieve their dreams, building up their hopes, and transforming their wishes into realities, Arquitectura & Concreto, The story is just beginning.

    nosotros arquitectura y concreto

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Calle 3Sur #43A - 52 Piso 18
PBX: (+574) 312 3618
FAX: (+574) 312 3618 Ext. 2190
PBX: (+575) 311 1120
Calle 77B #57 - 103 Piso 13
Centro Empresarial Green Towers
PBX: (+571) 610 8555
FAX: (+571) 610 8704
Calle 82 #11 - 37 / Of. 301
Edificio Confianza

PBX:(+571) 610 8555 FAX: (+571) 610 8704
Calle 82#11 - 37 / Of. 301
Edificio Confianza

PBX: (+574) 312 3618
Calle 3 Sur # 43 a - 52 piso 18
Calle 3 Sur # 43 a - 52 Local 105

PBX: (+575) 311 1120
Calle 77B # 57 - 103 Piso 13
Centro Empresarial Green Towers