Arquitectura y Concreto


Since our start in 1990, we have been dedicated to the construction, marketing and management of real estate projects of an institutional, public, commercial and business nature, tourism and residential, currently venturing into road infrastructure projects in the road network of the country.




To be a recognized organization in the construction industry due to its solidity, reliability and innovation.




Social responsibility.

Our commitment transcends the construction of spaces; we build dreams, joys, environments, in a transparent, demanding and planned way, to generate new and better expressions of life. We understand progress as a social and economic engine that involves all the strata of a country in the perspective of generating quality of life and more opportunities for well-being for all.

Solidarity is part of our corporate values, therefore we allocate part of our resources to the construction of a better future, responsible, educated, challenging, transparent and supportive.

We base our Social Responsibility on three axes of action focused on the care of the environment, contribution to economic development and commitment to social progress through:

  • Contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of people within the organization, with programs such as the "University of Service"
  • Camacol School works training program, for primary validation.
  • Institutional agreements for the validation of the baccalaureate.
  • Implementation of environmental objectives at the organizational level seeking to reduce pollution, mitigate the impacts on the environment and its inhabitants.
  • Support to the Andes Foundation.
  • Support for the Mano Amiga Educational Foundation.

Management Policy.

Generate trust in our allies, internal and external customers, continuously improving and innovating their processes in order to deliver a final product consistent with their expectations, complying with current legal and technical requirements.

Provide safe and healthy working conditions for all people under the responsibility of the organization, promoting professional and personal growth. Generating actions to reduce pollution, mitigate environmental impacts and control the identified risks.

Certifications and memberships.

We have the Certifications ICONTEC NTC - ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007, in the activities of generation, marketing, management, design management and construction of buildings, urban planning works, aqueduct and sewerage systems . Construction of hydroelectric plants, road infrastructure and bridges.We are members of the Council of Sustainable Construction, the Colombian Chamber of Construction - CAMACOL, National Association of Home Builders and the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure - CCI