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We have built since our foundation: 2,939,857 m2 in housing, 2,056,546 m2 in institutional / commercial projects and 3,918,099 m2 in urban areas, we have also made earthworks by: 2,590,826 mt3. We are currently building: 500,437 m2 in housing, 414,491 m2 in institutional / commercial projects and 458,463 m2 in urban areas.

Additionally, our Company has a solid technical and administrative organization at the country level, in which we can count on the support of more than 1,000 people among engineers, architects, technologists and technicians, administrative support personnel and production area. We also have staff represented in our labor subcontractors with approximately 6,500 workers.

Purchase of real estate in Colombia:

We have strategic allies that can help you in the process of acquiring real estate from abroad. Para más información puedes comunicarte o escribirnos a: 3218523512

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