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Recommendations for use and cleaning

  • Use traps grabs-grime in the accesses to avoid the entrance of abrasive materials that are
    accumulate in the footwear.
  • Avoid dragging furniture or elements with wheels, wheels, rollers or similar on the surface.
    It is important to lift them to avoid scratches and abuse.
    For pots use raised supports with trays, to avoid the spillage of water on floors.
  • Cover furniture legs with plush or pieces of carpet.
  • Use a skirting board under the chairs with slings.
  • Avoid scraping with metal objects, or use sandpaper or abrasive elements, as these deteriorate the
    surface of the elements.
  • It is recommended to use conventional white vinegar diluted in water or recommended cleaner
    by the manufacturer, for cleaning the joints.
  • hese floors are sensitive to light. To attenuate the appearance of marks by alternate discoloration
    the use of carpets, furniture and other elements that prevent the arrival of light.
  • Clean daily using a sweeper to remove coarse rubbish and dust, then
    clean with a moistened rag to avoid darkening the slurry grout.