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Recommendations for use and cleaning

  • Will not alter the gas network in any way as it could put at risk the lives of people living in the house. In case of doing so, each owner must request the suspension of the service to carry out the work and then request the respective review and certification of approval with the Gas Natural company.
  • Perform the corresponding maintenance, with specialized companies for this.
  • It does not construct, modify or transfer the points left by the constructor and certified by the Natural Gas Company, without prior authorization from the regulator.
  • In case of detecting strong gas odor, you must immediately close the stop valve located inside the apartment and the valve located in the meter of the property, turn off and disconnect the electrical appliances present in the house and proceed to call the Gas Company Natural to report the leak and request the corresponding review.
  • Allow ventilation and air flows into the interior of the home.
  • Keep in mind that the current regulations may have modifications and Gas Natural companies can make visits and request changes by location, ventilation, etc. All these activities correspond to each owner of the home.