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Recommendations for use and cleaning

  • Wipe with a soft cloth or a sponge slightly moistened with a solution of soap and water. Products such as glass cleaners help remove fingerprints.
  • To remove grease stains and tea stains, it is recommended to use cleaning creams available in the main supermarkets. Before buying these products, make sure they do not contain abrasive particles that damage the finish of the surface.
  • Difficult stains of oil and grease can be removed with products containing alcohol, and other solvents such as acetone. With solvents do not spread the stain on stainless steel, as it is very difficult to remove completely. It is advisable to apply a clean solvent several times with a clean cloth that will not scratch the surface until all traces of partially dissolved oil or grease have been removed.
  • Perform the drying of the stainless steel surfaces properly, to avoid marks left by the water.
  • Keep the surface free of any abrasive material that may scratch it.
  • Avoid cutting food directly on the surface, for them use wood or Teflon board.