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Recommendations for use and cleaning

  • Use traps grabs-grime in the accesses to avoid the entrance of abrasive materials
    that accumulate in the footwear.
  • Avoid dragging on the surface furniture, or elements with wheels, wheels, rollers or
    Similar. It is important to lift them to avoid scratches and abuse.
  • Review the legs of the furniture with plush or pieces of carpet. - Use a skirting board under the chairs with slings.
  • Avoid scraping with metal objects, or use sandpaper or abrasive elements, as these
    deteriorate the surface of the elements.
  • Do not use wax, oils or similar products, since these products opaque the material and
    generate accumulation of dirt.
  • It is recommended to use conventional white vinegar diluted in water or cleaner
    recommended by the manufacturer, for cleaning the joints.
  • These floors are sensitive to light. To attenuate the appearance of marks by discoloration
    alternate the use of carpets, furniture and other elements that prevent the arrival of light.
  • Clean daily using a sweeper to remove coarse rubbish and dust,
    then clean with a mop and mop very clean to avoid darkening the
    slurry of the slots.