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About the project.

La Quinta are independent country homes in a closed unit, located in Santafé de Antioquia. The project consists of 71 houses on two levels with design alternatives that allow to have from 3 to 5 bedrooms, open kitchen, independent, laundry room, three full bathrooms, large family room, terrace and independent green area.

Finishes: White work (for more information visit our business room or call (+574) 853 2615).


Llano de Bolívar

Built area

121 m2 to 125 m2

Private area

110 m2 to 118 m2

Estado del proyecto

Immediate delivery


Common Zones.

Pool for adults and children

Social room


Wet area

Avances de obra.

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Legal note

The images presented are illustrative and therefore can also present modifications, contain elements and furniture of aesthetic appreciation that are interpretation of the architect and do not compromise the promoting society. The plans are illustrative, and constitute a reference of the spaces. Its dimensions were taken without including finishes. Its final design will correspond to the project plans approved by the competent authority.



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