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Service university

University of Service
A learning that makes us more competitive.

Social responsibility is an important variant when we talk about business competitiveness; At the international level, this issue has taken on great importance, when we are socially responsible, we improve the environment, we optimize our professional scenario and we add value to our work.

In Arquitectura y Concreto social responsibility is immersed in our management policy, it is a transversal axis to institutional values ​​that safeguard the common good, solidarity, care for the environment and quality of life for all human capital. Under this premise, more than 9,932 direct and indirect jobs are generated, salaries are paid in a timely manner, the development of all employees is favored so that they also contribute to the social welfare of the communities to which they belong.

All these components make us a company with business ethics, which focuses its efforts on the good service and well-being of the people who intervene in each and every one of the processes. As part of this great responsibility commitment, the Service University is born, a work modality that manages the knowledge of employees through strategic teaching and learning that guarantee an adequate education framed within corporate objectives.

This university consolidates an organizational culture that is oriented towards service, which teaches how to build trust and act with transparency, security and efficiency in the face of the needs of others. It is a space in which the labor competences are strengthened to satisfactorily fulfill the expectations of the clients and likewise, to build a work environment where the joy harmonizes the day to day functions.

Our Service University is not an institutional objective, it is the way to fulfill our mission; It is a strategy that links learning to institutional purposes and allows for the optimization of resources, since it focuses on essential skills and attitudes so that all staff can be part of the strategic plans.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Service culture.
  • Communication.
  • Leadership.

It is aimed at staff in different areas and develops outside the workplace. The methodology frames the following aspects:

  • Awakening self-awareness.
  • Share information.
  • Practice with joy.
  • Re-feeding.

An academic agenda that allows us to learn, evaluate, reinforce and strengthen competencies that are reflected in a quality service for all our publics.

We are a team that works with the heart