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The José María Córdova airport is renewed

EThe José María Córdova International Airport of Rionegro (ANT), is the second most important air terminal in the country. Thanks to its infrastructure and passenger flow, secured this position among the airport list of Colombia. It was inaugurated in 1985 and since then it has been renovated several times, adjusting to the new needs that arise with modernization.

Looking to improve the capacity of air operation, both passengers and cargo and have the possibility of receiving more flights simultaneously, José María Córdova Airport is in a process of expansion and optimization of accessibility conditions for passengers in transit and visitors. Within this expansion plan, the national passenger terminal and passenger one-way modules are included. The Triple A Rionegro Consortium is responsible for the construction of this project, of which Arquitectura y Concreto is a member together with AIA.

The expansion of the National Passenger Terminal and passenger connectivity modules includes approximately 4,644 m2 of new construction, including: waiting rooms, two VIP lounges, two boarding bridges, a luggage receiving room with two gangs, two escalators and an elevator, an emergency module, a remote passenger module (manga), adding bathrooms in existing areas. Two new points of connectivity between different areas of the airport so that passengers in transit arriving at the air terminal for connections in their trip can continue without having to leave and enter again from the waiting rooms.

Carrying out construction activities in these environments has involved solving logistical challenges so as not to affect flight schedules or passenger traffic. To fulfill them, previous agreements were established with the management of the airport and civil aeronautics. In the engineering field, the main challenge has been in the construction of the special structural elements typical of the typical design of the building, a symbol of the airport's architecture, also adhering to the current technical criteria required.
Currently the construction activities are complying with the established schedule and the work is being carried out according to the expectations of AIRPLAN (current airport concessionaire and contractor) in specifications and quality.

In Arquitectura y Concreto we highlight the vision of the Jose Maria Cordova airport to be renewed and to comply with international requirements. It is a great satisfaction for us to be part of this project, in addition, to add to our trajectory the knowledge obtained by executing such particular works as an airport.