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Invest in Colombian Real State projects from abroad

Favorable                                  exchange rate

Favorable exchange rate

Stable and diversified income

Stable and diversified income

Trustworthy development group

Trustworthy development group

Learn more about our projects and the benefits of investing in Colombia

Receive personalized information from our international sales team.

Your experience is our priority. We have options that match a wide variety of needs in our portfolio. You can count on our special attention to your needs as we help you find your dream home!

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Traditional and trustworthy builders

Why buy a house in Colombia from abroad?

Our country has positioned itself in the international market as an excellent center for investment. Here are a few reasons why investing in a project in Colombia might be a great option for you.

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Retire in Colombia

Live the retirement you always dreamed of, in Colombia!


Own a second home!

Over 2 million tourists spend their holidays in Colombia every year!

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Invest in a growing economy!

Reach your financial goals by purchasing an appreciating asset.

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Family homes

Spend time with loved ones in beautiful properties.

Buy a property in Colombia from anywhere in the world

Use our guide to learn everything you need to know about purchasing a home in Colombia from abroad.

Access our free guide and learn more.

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They’ve decided to invest in property in Colombia from abroad

Our home buying experience was very enjoyable, the process was very quick and done entirely online.. The sales agents were very thorough!

Castelo Natura property owner.

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Neuchatel - Suiza

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New York

Get in touch with our advisors

More than 12 years working with Colombians abroad.

Meet with us to learn more about our projects and the benefits of investing in Colombia.

Javier Penagos

Javier Penagos


Olga Patoa

Olga Patoa


Raisha Yubrán Crissien

Raisha Yubrán Crissien


Our experience

We have developed over 400 projects of the highest quality in the commercial, institutional, tourism, public, and residential sectors.

Parque Explora Science Museum


We built one of the largest and most important interactive science museums in the country. Parque Explora is an epicenter of knowledge, capable of giving flight to the curiosity of its more than 500,000 yearly visitors!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should I speak to receive personalized purchasing advice?

We work with an excellent group of advisors ready to resolve all of your questions and accompany you throughout the process to buy the project of your dreams.

Reach out to Olga or Javier to learn more.

Olga Patoa (+57) 311 761 6338

Javier Penagos (+1) 650 2502990

2. How do I place a hold on a specific property from abroad?

To set aside your property from abroad, we offer two options.

If you have a bank account in Colombia, the payment fee for the reservation can be made through PSE to the fiduciary order. The payment amount will be reflected in your balance.

If you don’t have a bank account in Colombia, AyC can arrange a monetization service with our partner: Acciones y Valores. You will make a wire transfer to their account, and once they have received the money, the foreign exchange process will be carried out and the legalization of the money will be completed by the Bank of the Republic. When this process is complete, the property will have a hold under your name.

3. Can I access a mortgage with a Colombian financial entity from abroad?

If you are Colombian, you can access a direct line of credit for Colombians living abroad. Someone on our team will guide you through the process.

For those who are not Colombian but wish to invest in our country and need a mortgage, a mortgage can be accessed with the participation of a Colombian within the negotiation and deed.

4. How do I finalize the transaction while abroad?

After a virtual meeting with our advisors and sales team to clarify any final questions, we will request the final documents needed to finalize the transaction. All documents can be sent online and do not require intermediaries.

5. Do I need an intermediary/broker to buy a project?

Intermediaries are not needed to complete the purchase in general, as the buyer can complete the process from anywhere in the world with our online process and the help of our advisors.

The buyer needs to be in Colombia for the final step of the process: legalization of the mortage loan, signature of the deed, and reception of the home. If the person is not able to come in person they can designate another individual with a power of attorney. This is the only case in which a proxy may be needed.

Sustainable Construction

At Arquitectura y Concreto, we believe in sustainable development and we contribute to mitigating global climate change with our processes. We have developed the certification “Construsostenible”, an institutional certification for projects that implement measures for sustainability or attain external certification.